Super dog supplements

Super Dog -Working Sport Dogs :
(Field trials, K-9,agility, fly ball, racing, hunting, herding, sledding, as well as the active family pet.)

Super Dog - Is a revolutionary canine high efficiency dietary supplements designed to address the physical needs and high stress level of active dogs.  Over the course of three months a fast and visible development in body weight, muscular mass and activity levels.
Super Dog - Increase power, endurance and muscle recovery after intense training activity by improving blood flow to the muscle.
Super Dog - Increase muscle mass and Improve metabolism 
Super Dog-  Vital balance of organic function and healthy coat.
(Daily Exercise is recommended to achieve the maximum results) 

Super Dog -Breeding :
Supper Dog: Has a mix of vitamin B, C, E, Amino acids and Antioxidants that improves the fertility by improving the circulation in the reproductive organs. 

Super Dog- Improves the conception rate for females 

Super Dog- Improves the sperm count and motility for stud dogs.

Super Dog-Puppies :
Super Dog- Used after nine weeks of age to promote overall growth and improve the immune system. 
Super Dog-  Improve appetite and metabolism in weak puppies.
Super Dog- For Stronger well developed bones and tendons.

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