Personal Protection

95% of all violent crime offenders avoid homes that have a guard dog.
The use of dogs in a personal protection or a security role will always prove to be a valuable asset. 

Breed :
Dog has to be one of the working breeds

Age Requirement :
Dog has to be at least 9 to 18 months old, owner should attend at least 5 sessions 

Pre requirement :
Basic Obedience is a requirement before the training of protection. ( for owner and dog safety)

Temperament :
A temperament assessment will be done to determine the dog's working ability. Accordingly a specific training plan will be drawn suitable for each dog's ability.

Dogs that demonstrate high level of avoidance or aggression might take a longer time to complete the course at additional cost.

The program :
The dog is will be trained to respond to specific commands to start showing aggression ( bite) and to end aggression upon command.
The dog training for level 1 is limited to identifying threat and responding aggressively to the threat.

The aggression will result in a bite on the assailant. The dog will terminate the aggression and leave the assailant upon command while maintaining a complete readiness to re attack should the assailant shows a sigh of aggression.

Level 1 Protection Commands :
Watch: in anticipation of potential threat the dog becomes alert and ready for attack.
Attack: All all out engagement command for the dog to bite.
Ous: End of attack mode and release of bite.

The dog will be exposed to different threat scenarios to learn to identify threat and act accordingly.

Duration :
The basic training period and drive building will take an average of 45 days to complete.

Owners Involvement :
During the course the owner should attend at least 6 sessions with his dog & trainer will provide 2 free sessions at owner's house after the course to implement the scenarios.

At the end of the protection training the dog will learn how to respond to threat based on proposed scenarios, nevertheless the dog will need to keep working to maintain the fight drive in him. Dogs that do not exercise will not lose there readiness despite of any training, on the other hand. dogs that maintain the drive develop into reliable, solid protection dogs ready for action when they sense the need for defense.


  • Watch
  • Attack
  • Ous
  • Scenario

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