Companion Dog

companion dog

We board your dog at our state of the art facility while he/she is being trained "In- Kennel training for dogs (6) six months and older" The finest obedience course offered anywhere.

It teaches your dog to understand and follow specific obedience commands.

Your dog will learn the following commands;  Easy, Sit, Stay, Here (formal recall and sit front), Down, Place or Kennel, Phooie.
In addition you will learn leash control, how to shape the behavior of your dog, proper timing and reinforcement training. How to establish you and your family as ALPHA leader and more! 

Course offered:
15 days in kennel.
5 days at dog home


  • Easy
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Here
  • Down
  • Place or Kennel
  • Phooie

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