Your puppy needs a leader and a clear social hierarchy. If you don’t take up the alpha role of leader, your dog will; and you will end up with an unruly, disobedient dog.

We specialize in Puppy PRE- SCHOOLING classes where puppies from 9 weeks to 6 months of age learn to be well behaved members of the household. Early training is the...

companion dog

We board your dog at our state of the art facility while he/she is being trained "In- Kennel training for dogs (6) six months and older" The finest obedience course offered anywhere.

It teaches your dog to understand and follow specific obedience commands.

Your dog will learn the following commands;  Easy, Sit, Stay, Here (...

95% of all violent crime offenders avoid homes that have a guard dog.
The use of dogs in a personal protection or a security role will always prove to be a valuable asset. 

Breed :
Dog has to be one of the working breeds


Agility dog

Agility is a fun way to exercise with your dog. Your dog will build his confidence and drive in the meanwhile you build a strong bond with him AND A GREAT WAY TO GET IN SHAPE. Your puppy will Tackle obstacles of various shapes and material.

This course will help build his...

angry dove

Not Every dog is capable of being a man stopper . ANGRY DOVE IS DESIGNED TO TEACH YOUR DOG TO SHOW AGGRESSION UPON COMMAND REGARDLESS OF HIS BREED OR TEMPERAMENT showing teeth is just what your might need to get out of a dire situation.


  • ...
group session

EWA offers

MAKE TRAINING A FUN SOCIAL EVENT. Why not get involved in learning how to train your dog? Meet other dog friends and our professional trainers will take you step by step through your training journey.

A group session may include 3 to 7 participants. It consists of...

junior handlers

This program is designed for young first time dog owners. It allows children to learn about dogs and the responsibility that comes with it.
Under professional guidance they will learn about dog safety and responsible pet ownership.
The course will cover basic dog needs, training and communication. Children will have hands on...

Muscle mass and improves dog overall physical condition.

This exercise strengthen dog muscles and ligaments. Its is one of the best treatments for hip problems. 

Weight pull:
add mass and increases the...

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