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Train your dog

Training provides a way to effectively communicate to your dog what is expected of him and to prevent unwanted behavior. Training helps build a lasting relationship and strengthen the bond you share with your dog.

Mission Statement

Education dogs to become better companions and superior guardians.

The Campus

Our campus is built on a 50,000 m2 plot state of the art traning and events facillity center.

Dog Training


Training at EWT is a fun an pleasurable experience.
Our professional trainers will bring the best out of your dog through a variety of offered training courses that suits every dog level and owner needs.

Training Videos

Home Training

Now you can train your dog at your home

Puppy Pre schooling

Early training is the single most important factor in your dog becoming a good companion.

Companion Dog

The finest obedience course offered anywhere. It teaches your dog to understand and follow specific obedience commands.

Personal Protection

Building your dog confidence is the base of our training; not fear. Dogs that graduate from our courses will become confident, effective protectors.

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Our Latest Youtube Videos

Alex trained by Eastwind Training at his home.
Course: Personal protection.

Prixie trained by Eastwind Training at his home.
Course: Puppy pre schooling.

Francene trained by Eastwind Training at his home.
Course: Companion Dog.